Protect America Now supports Sheriffs and law enforcement members that serve our people and protect our citizens.
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Sheriff Lamb 244

Pinal County, Arizona

Sheriff Mark Lamb was elected in 2016 as a Pinal County’s 24th Sheriff to lead Pinal County’s finest with a vision to better the status of Law Enforcement in Pinal County, and ultimately be an example for other agencies in Arizona and the United States of America.

Sheriff Childress 244

Livingston County, Illinois

Sheriff Tony Childress is nearing his 30th year in law enforcement in Livingston County, Illinois. Elected as the sheriff in 2014, Childress has since been invited to the White House several times, most recently to take part in a roundtable discussion with law-enforcement leaders in early June 2020.

Sheriff Wayne Ivy 244

Brevard County, Florida

Recognized as one of the strongest 2nd Amendment Sheriffs in the country, Wayne Ivey has served as a Florida law enforcement officer for over four decades. Elected as Brevard County’s Sheriff in 2013, Sheriff Ivey strongly believes in protecting what he calls the “Three C’s”…our Citizens, our Cops, and our Constitution!! 


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